Monday, July 30, 2012

Shelters Doing Good

When animal shelters are not doing all they can to find permanent placement for all adoptable dogs and cats, they should be called out on it. But when shelters are trying new (and old) techniques to improve live release rates, they should be called out on it too!

These are all programs and ideas ANY shelter can implement!

Christmas in July: For the month of July, the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control facility is offering microchipped, vaccinated, castrated cats for FREE! Making it easier to adopt is always a good thing.

Reduce adoption fee: The Sonoma County Animal Care and Control facility in California is offering all dogs and cats for a $25 adoption fee through the month of July.

Specialize in Seniors: An animal control officer in Prince William County animal shelter created a non-profit to help find homes for senior animals. They work with the local shelter to pair dogs and cats over the age of 5 (hardly senior!!!) with senior citizens. The adoption fee is waived. It can be difficult to find homes for senior dogs and cats, so this is a great way to do so!

Get out in the community: The Pell City shelter in Alabama has increased adoptions by with a variety of easy-to-implement techniques - they partnered with Petsmart and have a Saturday adoption day, they created a "bonding" area at the shelter offering visitors a quiet area to meet dogs, and they are in the process of creating a foster program.

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