Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zombie Goats, Mina & Sally, Football Fail

Oh man, how 'bout them Saints? AMIRITE? That was a horribly painful wildcard play-off game. There is something intrinsically wrong with the former Stupidbowl (Superbowl) champs being beaten by a 7-9 team.

On to the Jets-Colts game. Yes. I like football.

Anyways, to make up for epic football fail, here are some zombie goats and Mina with a little dog.

This is what it looked like at work all day long. Three miles away, bright and sunny. ZOMBIES ARE AFOOT. These are rare goat zombies. They are still herbivorous. THEY LIKE VEGETABLE BRAINS.

Mina and I made it past the zombie goats in time to let out tiny, ancient Sally for a potty break.
Mina put on the I AM SO CUTE look, hard. Sally is cute too. She is also older than a fossilized T-rex.

Faulty football play is superseded by zombie goats and geriatric little dogs. All is trounced by super cute Pit Bull in a coat.

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