Monday, November 23, 2009

Rape, aggravated burglary, drug trafficking - that's not lead news!

The Expositor has a story to tell. Is it about the gun found in someone's home? No. Is it about the 2,300 pills of ecstasy, three viles of hash oil, or the cocaine? No! Is it about the home invasion of an elderly couple who were tied up during the theft? No, you ninny! Is is it about the guy who sexually assaulted his wife? Are you nuts?

No, the lead line for this story starts out as, "A pit bull had to be removed". In fact, the title of the article is "Pit bull removed before search". Apparently rape, drug trafficking, violently tying up gramps and granny are all of less import than a docile dog who had to be walked out of a backyard by the SPCA. That's news, folks!


pibble said...

What a sick world. Truly sick. The media has really turned it into a circus!

Brent said...

In the several years of following newspaper reporting on 'pit bulls', I've seen dozens of these headlines -- but this one is easily the more ridiculous of the whole bunch. It is borderline unbelieveable.

Unknown said...

Brent, this definitely tops my list of inane lead lines!

Pibble, it is disappointing to see what is important get sidelined by something as random as a non-dangerous dog being walked away by animal shelter staff.

Laura said...

see theres a reason why i try not to follow the news, too much unnecessary drama!

Anonymous said...

Sadly I am not surprised. I have seen to many articles just like this one in my days but this one does cross a line.

These idiots can then put "pit bull" in their tags and cater to the fear mongrels. The popularity of which we can see from all the successful horror movies.