Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nepotism alive and well in Toledo

Commissioner Ben Konop had the right idea when he proposed the demotion and/or removal of Lucas County dog warden, Tom "Dog Killer" Skeldon from office.

Unfortunately, Skeldon's first cousin, Tina Skeldon and the third commisioner Pete Gerken voted down the proposal because, hey, nothing says Class Act like retaining a dog warden who can only claim to have reduced the kill rate at the shelter by 11% in 30 years.

And bless the Toledo Blade for blasting Skeldon and the government of Lucas County for putting up with this crap since 1987.

"IF TOM Skeldon were a dog in his own pound, he would have been euthanized a long time ago."

"State law says pit-bull breeds are vicious - a dubious, politics-driven classification - so Mr. Skeldon, captive to his own, inflexibile ideology, deals death to every pit bull, even the smallest puppy, that comes to him."

Also, state officials from both parties are appalled but don't have the balls or ovaries enough to state that Tom "Dog Killer" Skeldon should not be near any animal, let alone running a county shelter and enforcing laws. Well I hope officials are appropriately appalled when they get voted out of office for their neutered opinion on this matter. No one is happy with how Lucas County's dog warden is running the shelter. Except for the Dog Killer himself and, apparently, his first cousin on the Board of Commissioners.

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