Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Those pit bulls are crowding our shelter!

The lead for this article sums it up well:

Leaders of the Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society are disappointed to see pit bulls taking up so many of the shelter’s cages.
When your so-called animal advocates are ever disappointed with who is in their shelter, you know something is wrong in their thinking process. What kind of message does this send about pit bull type dogs? It certainly does not inspire one to rush out to the shelter and adopt one - I mean, even shelter employees are voicing their letdown. The message here is these dogs aren't worth it.

I don't agree with the sentiment, of course, but I'm not just the choir, I'm the choir's manager and biggest fan. What the general public learns is pit bull type dogs are not even worthy of support from the dog shelter. How unfair is that? Really.

The biggest loser is the dog. Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society may not even adopt pit bulls to the public because? No logical reason is provided.

Articles like this start out bad and only get worse. First we have the lead proclaiming the sheer melancholy that is having dogs who look a certain way in a dog shelter. You know it won't get better for the dogs from there.

Just rush to the ending and see for yourself:
An 11-year-old boy was walking down Oil Well Road in Caledonia Saturday when four pit bulls attacked him.
I could be surprised this wasn't the opening line. I could be surprised that this so-called "attack" is included in an article about the big pit bull takeover at the local shelter (they do try to tie it into the shelter population dynamics, but it's really just a reason to say pit bull and attack in the same sentence).

If I were to ever be attacked by four pit bulls, I expect a proper mauling. Certainly isn't it plausible to expect more than one bite from four dogs in an attack? You would think so, but you would be very, very wrong. Like the earth is the center of the universe wrong.

The kid was bitten on the arm. Once. In Lowndes County, four dogs attacking equals one bite and thus all dogs are complicit in the attack and must be executed. Arithmetic and logic for the fail.

People wonder why we think there is a bias in the media? These kinds of articles paint a clear picture in favor of misguided reporting.

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EmilyS said...

OTOH, V Chesser a longtime pb rescuer was quoted as saying something similar about the Mo. bust dogs... each one of them that they took on would mean one of their "regular" dogs would have to die.

Pit bulls can't win for losing...