Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I even bother?

I don't particularly want to wade into the Michael Vick debate for a few reasons. There isn't much for me to debate, so there's one. Everyone else and their mother's dog have blogged on this issue is another.

What I really only want to comment on is this whole "give 'em another chance, he's served his time" mentality from many comments.

I know a few ex-inmates. They aren't the people I hang out with, per se, but a couple have lived in the apartment complex I fondly refer to as a halfway house. I would wager their life experience is common amongst inmates. None of them fought dogs or gambled, but they did commit crimes that required prison sentences.

And I know how hard it is for them to find jobs. Really hard. They are not making millions of dollars nor is there really any question that they might. Their faces are not broadcast Sunday afternoon for children and beer-belly men and women to gaze upon. It's minimum wage, if they are lucky. It's hard, it isn't fun, there is no easy pass for an ex-felon or even ex-misdemeanor-er (invented by me, btw). And none of these people have killed dogs with their bare hands or gambled on illicit animal fights.

Michael Vick can get a job. It should be minimum wage. It should be out of the limelight. It should be the same kind of job with the same kind of treatment the average individual fresh out of prison receives.

I feel that way about all those football players who have dealt drugs, done drugs, raped women*, committed crimes - they should not be making that kind of money (no sports player should, but that's a whole 'nuther ball game, sports pun for the win).

And this is the only post thenceforth you will ever read on this blog about Vick.

*Except their penis should be lopped off as well. I know, I know, for shame on my part.


YesBiscuit! said...

The one that gets under my skin is "It was just DOGS".

Rinalia said...

That pisses me off too. Of course I care about human suffering, that does not preclude me caring about nonhuman suffering too. Blergh.