Monday, March 2, 2009

Lucas County needs new dog warden

At least according to the Toledo Blade who came out blasting Lucas County dog warden Skeldon (or Dog-Killer Skeldon) for his inept handling of the February 10th death of a 15-lb dog as well as his archaic, discriminatory policy of killing all dogs who look like pit bulls.

Good editorial about a deadly man who has absolutely zero business running a shelter. He is a hardcore old-school animal control officer, relying on draconian tactics to keep things running, barely.

This is the guy who has reduced euthanasia rates by 11% in 30 years. Thirty years, people. That's like going from an F- to a plain 'old F after taking the same test 30 times. Well, maybe not, but it's a pretty pathetic statistic and nothing to be proud of.

Then there is the pit bull policy. Really, it's not the "pit bull" policy so much as the "kill the dog with short hair and an apple-square-round shaped head". In 2007, 1,354 dogs got pumped with the blue juice because they looked like a pit bull. That's nearly four dead pit bulls a day. That's not just pathetic it's abhorrent.

Things aren't going to change for Lucas County until the current regime is ousted and more progressive animal control officers and leaders are put in place. You know, maybe someone like Jim Crosby at Bay County shelter services in Florida who has in ONE year reduced kill rates by 11%. One year. Someone who will reconsider the adoption policy, like Indianapolis' new shelter director. Someone who cares about the welfare of the dogs as much as public safety. Because I have to admit that 403 reported bites out of a population of 450,000? Seems to me that dog bites are not the top safety priority in Lucas County.

Of course, not much can change if Lucas County residents don't stand up and demand change.

It's not hard to do.

1) Write a letter to the editor of the Toledo Blade with your avid support of ousting Dog Killer Skeldon. - keep em short (200 words or fewer), polite and include your name, address and phone number (for verification purposes).

2) Contact the Lucas County Commissioners and voice your concern about how the Lucas County dog warden is running things. Tell them you don't feel safer with a guy who kills 1,300 dogs a year for looking a certain way or who has to dart a 15lb dog on its own front doorsteps. Tell them you want change, a new era of public education and active efforts at improving the welfare of dogs and cats in Lucas County's care.

3) Spread the word to anyone who lives in Lucas County or surrounding areas. Encourage your friend, family, neighbors, whatever to do something about this man.

Change can only happen if you stand up and act.

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