Monday, December 29, 2008

BCAC Director doing something right

This is an interesting article that spotlights Jim Crosby who is the director of BCAC in Florida. He became directory in February of this year and in that time has reduced euthanasia rates from 78% to 56%. That is an amazing accomplishment. Compare that to Lucas County, OH where Tom Skeldon's stats are ~65% euthanasia, only an 11% decrease in 30 years. The story details his field of expertise in a niche market of dog bite fatality investigations.

Of course, he has inspired the ire of and its hate-mongering owner Colleen Lynn for his pit bull stance. Fascinating that Ms. Lynn's organization awarded Skeldon warden of the year for killing 65% of the shelter dogs and 1,300 pit bulls yet has nothing but negative things to say about a guy who's reduced euthanasia rates at his shelter by 22% in less than a year and who is called upon by law enforcement agencies as an expert. That is an amazing reduction. Of course people like Ms. Lynn care little about logic and facts and experts - that's silliness, people like her care about killing dogs who have not harmed anyone solely based on how they look.

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