Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can You Imagine if this was a Puppy Mill?

The ASPCA recently granted $150,000 to a poultry farm so that they could raise more chickens for slaughter.

Specifically, a barn will be built to house thousands of chickens throughout the year. The barn will then be converted to a hatchery that will hatch 600,000 chicken and 10,000 turkey eggs per season so that the "larger poultry" industry can obtain "heritage" breeds of chickens and turkeys for slaughter.

Chickens and turkeys are exempted from both federal farmed animal welfare laws - one that requires animals be watered/fed every 28 hours of transport and the other that requires animals be stunned unconscious before their throats are slit.

On smaller farms, most chickens and turkeys are also not stunned insensible to pain. Most have their throats cut while they hang upside down in inverted cones.

Does that strike you as preventing cruelty?

To contrast, imagine if the ASPCA was instead giving $150,000 to Puppy Forward, Incorporated, a "humane" breeding facility that breeds and produces inexpensive puppies. The hope of Puppy Forward is that eventually shelters will no longer be necessary as all puppies will be produced and safely homed by Puppy Forward.

To do that, they need a new building to house their innovative, forward-thinking kennel systems. These kennels give breeder dogs enough room to turn around, and no one is housed on painful metal mesh. Exercise areas will be provided, particularly during the few weeks the females are not pregnant!

Puppy Forward, Inc. is dedicated to providing a good and humane end of life experience for the adult female and male breeding dogs. They will be sacrificed in the pursuit of medical knowledge, information that will benefit companion dogs everywhere - only approved research facilities will utilize these dogs, and they will be provided superb care before they are humanely killed.

No one would support the ASPCA in this endeavor, except perhaps supporters of Puppy Forward!

Yet, as a community, we have arbitrarily labeled chickens as food, dogs as "pets" so it becomes strangely acceptable for an organization with "prevention of cruelty to animals" in their name to fund animal-slaughter endeavors.


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