Thursday, June 7, 2012

Epic Salad

Salad is to summer as hot soup is to winter. When the weather gets warm, I can't wait to bust out the dark leafy greens (and smoothies). And now that I have full access to an incredible vegan micro-farm at the sanctuary where I work, I'm eating salads every day.

This salad I made is pretty awesome. I grabbed kale, dandelion greens, orach (a type of spinach), cilantro, and snap peas from the vegan farm. I added raspberries and blueberries. Then I cooked up some Sol Cuisine Almond Grain Burgers, chilled them in the fridge, chopped them up and plopped them on top.

My dressing included three cloves of garlic, a drizzling of Bee-Free Honee, orange juice, olive oil, and lemon juice.


If you are trying to remove animal products from your diet and really love honey, I highly recommend Bee-Free Honee. It is made from apples. I used to love honey. Bee-Free Honee tastes just like it, with a nice aftertaste of apple. Delicious.

And if you want to try non-meat burgers, Sol Cuisine's Almond Grain Burger is very tasty. It doesn't taste anything like animal flesh, but it has its own "meatiness" and definite tastiness that anyone with functioning taste buds should enjoy. Right now, I'm in love with their vegan falafals and tahini sauce. It costs $6.00 but serves enough for two, so it's only $3.00 per meal. I'm not saying that's uber-cheap, but it is pretty inexpensive, all things considered.

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