Thursday, March 1, 2012

Because I was there, you should watch this

If you like any of my posts, please watch this. If you enjoy reading about Mina and Celeste's antics, please watch this. I don't overwhelm this blog with one of my most heartfelt passions - farmed animal rights. Because of that, I ask you to give me five minutes of your time.  I know you've probably spent more reading some of my lengthier posts!

I was at this farm. And maybe, because of that, you will honor my wish for you to view this video. Five minutes. I promise there are happy moments, but there are sad ones too. Just watch. Afterwards, maybe think about how you can help - you don't need money or volunteer time or anything fancy.

All you have to do is stop eating eggs. I promise, it won't be so hard. Or if you think I'm being too demanding, just reduce how many eggs you eat. Don't switch to different "kinds" of eggs - industrial egg production on any level meant to make a profit hurts hens and rooster chicks, who are ground up the day they are sexed.

No one needs an egg to survive. To end their suffering is so simple, so painless, so amazingly easy.

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