Friday, October 14, 2011

An Update On Toby

Toby thinks vet offices are cool. He is a confident little bugger in them. Curious about other dogs but not dog-reactive. Even after he was stepped on by the vet, causing Toby to bleed, Toby was still super happy to see hi.

The vet thinks Toby has a chemical burn. So he probably is sensitive to whatever cleaning agent the shelter is using. He now has a secondary infection. I went home with more oral antibiotics and some topical stuff for his paws.

Toby, who is taller than Mina and more muscular, weighs only 32 lbs. He came in about 10-12 lbs heavier.

Thankfully, the shelter agreed to pay for the vet visit and so neither myself nor the rescue had to cover the costs.

I think he will be adopted next Tuesday. I am still a little scared the adopter won't want him because of his medical problems. I love the little guy and it has been a real joy watching him go all butterfly-emerging-from-a-cocoon on me. :)

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