Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Man uses weed eater to break up dog fight

A Florida man thought it best to poke a dog in the thigh with a weed eater to break up a fight between that dog and his own dog. The dog had suffered serious injuries from the weed eater and was euthanized.

And how on earth did this dog get access to the man's dog?

Well, it took two people to make it happen. First, we have the loose dog's owner who, for whatever reason, did not properly confine their dog. Then we have the other dog's owner who a) let his gate open with his dog in the backyard and b) allowed his dog and the loose dog to play a bit before, clearly, the loose dog became highly aroused and engaged in a fight.

I'm sorry, but no matter how much I love dogs, I'm not letting a loose, stray dog into my backyard with my dogs. That's just stupid. I'm certainly not going to let a loose, stray dog play for a bit with my own dogs in the backyard. That's stupider. And killing a dog because you set them both up for failure? That's stupidest.

This shouldn't have happened. It wouldn't have had both owners done a better job at protecting their dogs. I know stuff happens and I'm sympathetic to that, really I am. It's just utterly sad and frustrating to read this when it could have been prevented by something as easy as a) safely confining/monitoring your dog and b) closing your open gate to your backyard/not letting your dog play with stray dogs.

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