Friday, February 13, 2009

Omaha for the fail & how a scratch becomes an attack

Unsurprisingly, of the three reported dog attacks that occurred in Omaha, NE this past weekend only the pit bull attack has received the most press.

Three attacks:
- adult pit bull redirect onto adult female after she most likely reprimanded the dog when it growled at a child
- a recently adopted husky (who has been in several homes prior) fractured the ribs of an infant
- a rat terrier, being punished (physically?) for getting into the garbage bit a child on the face

In September of 2008, Omaha instituted strict rules regarding several different breeds, including pit bulls (and a whole bunch of unrelated breeds).

Out of Springfield, Missouri we have this title: Dog bites student walking...

The dog bit the student multiple times, landing the kid in the hospital.

Compare with this article:Dog attacks students on school bus in Ottawa County

The dog? A pit bull. The attack? No bite, a couple of scratches from the dog's nails.

Unsurprising but frustrating.

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