Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dog's 75% pit bull!

In Ontario, no new pit bulls are allowed. Current pit bulls must be muzzled in public.

Here's a story in which a woman took her dog to a dog park. At some point, a fight ensued and the dog killed another. Ron Pierce of Pierce Animal Control made a wild guess and claimed the dog was part pit bull...though not "full-blooded" because the snout was too narrow. He states the dog is 75% pit bull.

Wait, what?

Dogs aren't "full-blooded" or "part-blooded" - it's not like their supply of blood is evenly divided into neat parts dependent on "breed". A phenotype can never give you the right to say stuff like, "that white person with the red hair is no doubt 65% Irish" or "that brindled colored dog is most definitely 45% boxer". I mean, that is just purely outlandish and silly.

That an animal control agent with no real experience judging the phenotypes of purebred animals is allowed to ascertain whether a dog is "purebred" or "mixed" and even how much of a "mix" a dog is is a perfect example of governmental abuse of power. It shows how dangerous BSL is and how utterly unfair it is - it would now be the responsibility of the owner to prove that her dog is not a pit bull. That isn't right.

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