Monday, September 22, 2008

When the news lies

Title of article: Dog attacks pet and owner

Now, I'm not one to belittle anyone's frightening encounter with a potentially aggressive dog. This story, though scary and easily preventable, is nothing more than a story of a frustrated dog getting loose from a chain and pinning another dog - no bloodshed, no bite wounds, nothing. I suppose I should be thankful the title isn't Rampaging Pit Bull Mauls Pensioner and Dog.

Title of article: 3 dogs attack FW man

Okay, here's the scoop: Three dogs running loose. Old (sassy) man walking is "suddenly" bit by one. Once. On the wrist.

Yep, that's the story. One dog bit him. The wound inflicted appears rather minor, when you see the three dogs in question. Not attacked, not mauled, not tried to kill the man.

It's mind-boggling that anyone is arguing these dogs who somehow manage not to eat the cameraman in the backyard were on some satan-sacrificing rampage.

Loose dogs in a pack act differently than on their own property, for sure. At the same time, after seeing the news video, I'm slightly more inclined to believe that this man provoked this attack with his own outlandishly loud reaction to these loose dogs. I don't think the dogs snuck up on him to bite him on the wrist. I think he saw them coming, screamed bloody murder at them, shook his fists and stomped aggressively and one dog bit him. When he screamed and ran, they followed. But I have to tell you: If three large, aggressive, dangerous dogs want to bite you, they aren't going to let a small stick stop them.

I'm glad they aren't immediately euthanizing the dogs. I sure as heck hope the owner fixes the whole in the fence and stops leaving his dogs alone in the backyard.

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