Friday, July 31, 2009

Lakewood police keeping the stupid alive

Crap, sometimes I have to admit I'm wrong. This is generally unfun. No one likes to admit their wrongenosity but sometimes you must get over yourself and just say Fuck it, I am WRONG.

Not Lakewood police or their animal warden, though. They have yet to issue a statement denouncing their earlier claim that this dog pictured is a pit bull when he is so clearly NOT A PIT BULL it isn't even funny.

It's been nearly a week since Lakewood police tasered a barking dog not once, but twice. KC Dog Blog has a good post about it, read it. Do it.

Anyway, back to how awfully stupid it is of Lakewood police/animal warden to keep claiming this dog is a pit bull. It isn't as awful as hearing the animal warden explain herself. She says something along the lines: "Oh, he might have Boxer in him. But he's so clearly got pit bull blood in him and maybe some American Bulldog blood in him. He's not a Boxer at all but obviously a pit-americano-bulldog-boxer hybrid from the DEPTHS OF SLOR."

She doesn't mention the depths of slor, but I feel her believability would have shot up if she had. Does she really think there are miniature pit bulls racing through this dog's blood or just the parts that go to, say, his left and right legs? What does anyone mean when they say a dog is "full-blooded" (I would hope so) or has "pit bull blood" - that does not make sense at all. My genetics professor would HATE YOU. Hate.

Now, new footage has been released in which you can see how incredibly dangerous this dog is what with his BOXER TAIL and BOXER EARS doing cute things like running around playing with a toy and wagging his butt and looking like he just found a big pile of goose shit to roll in. I hope the owner uses this footage as evidence of Sir Otis of the Boxer Clan's innocence - he's just a dog and he acted like a fearful dog might when surrounded by a buttload of heavily armed men. He barked.

So Lakewood, please just admit you are wrong and you are very sorry about all this nonsense. Just do it. You'll feel so much better for it.

Also, rescind your pit bull ban, you loonies you.

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